How to Wash Your Bedding Better

Written by
Parachute Team
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute

We have a vision of a perfect world in which laundry washes, dries and folds itself. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Since that’s not a readily available option, we’ll settle for learning tricks that help us cut down on laundry time while still getting a fantastic result. (Read: Fluffy sheets with as little wrinkling as possible). Here are three tips for getting extra-soft, wrinkle-resistant bedding:

Gentle Cycle Only, Please

Wash your sheets on the delicate cycle with cool water (hot water can degrade the fibers over time and cause shrinking). Also, use less Laundry Detergent than the manufacturer recommends. Too much soap can leave your sheets with buildup that will make them stiff and smelling like mildew and mold.

Half Load Your Dryer

Have you noticed that your sheets continually come out of the dryer twisted? Overloading your machine can increase wrinkling since there’s no space for the fabric to fluff up. Our rule of thumb: Wash your sheets alone and make sure to only load your dryer to the halfway point.

Grab Your Sheets Before the Dry Cycle Finishes

This tip, which we learned from our factory, changed everything for us. Take your sheets out of the dryer a few minutes before the cycle ends, when they’re still the slightest bit damp. This way you can smooth out creases with your hands before they form. Immediately place the sheets on your bed and smooth away wrinkles, or smooth away wrinkles and fold your bedding for storage. Give a light spritz of linen spray (or tuck a bag of lavender inside) before putting your sheets away. You’ll never need an iron again.