A New Way to Sleep: Without a Top Sheet

Written by
Erin Scottberg
Laure Joliet for Parachute

Everyone has his or her own recipe for the perfect bed. Some keep their sheets tightly tucked into hospital corners. Others layer piles of pillows in bold prints or place a Quilt at the foot of the bed. Often, it’s these extras that make your space uniquely yours.

At Parachute, we consider the top sheet a personal option — there for the taking, but only if you want it. And we know many of you don’t. Forty percent of Americans don’t use a top sheet, choosing to simply sleep between a fitted sheet and duvet comforter. The same goes for most of Europe — an entire continent of people have realized they aren’t missing anything by bidding adieu to the top sheet; it’s simply more au naturel.

Stripping the bed down to essentials distills your morning routine, too. Unraveling the inevitably tangled fabric from the foot of the bed seems so unnecessary when you could just pull forward the duvet and be out the door.

Bedding is the most intimate of wardrobes – we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, after all. It’s where we unwind to our most vulnerable selves, not where we should feel inhibited by restrictions. Thus, our sheet sets exclude a top sheet. Why pay for something you might not use? And if you do sleep with a top sheet, just add it to your order, easy breezy. It’s all about making your bed the way you like it.