Cashmere Everything: A Fall Guide

Written by
Stephanie Lysaght
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute

We all remember the Seinfeld episode about the cashmere sweater. The divine material has had a place in pop culture for decades. But while its uses were once relatively few (read: Sweaters), there’s now a cashmere item for every occasion. So cloak yourself in the season’s finest. You deserve it! Probably.

James Kicinski-McCoy for Bleu Bird Blog


Yes, there’s now a broad range of stellar uses for cashmere, but the humble sweater still deserves some respect. There is nothing better for layering when it’s chilly out, and it transfers seamlessly from cold weather errands to a cozy dinner with friends. We love VINCE’s cuts for men and women, which are casual and chic, just like you.

Knitting Yarn

If nobody in your family wore the scarves you knitted them last Christmas, it might not be your purl-skills. Try swapping that itchy wool yarn for the luxurious cashmere variety, and you may get a very different reaction. If not, it may be time to throw in your needles.

Nicole LaMotte for Parachute


No matter how lowbrow the TV show you’re watching, you can still feel tres sophisticated with a cashmere robe draped over your shoulders. But where are you gonna find one of those?! Oh, hey, how about our Cashmere Robe? It’s sublimely soft, knit with wool for warmth and cashmere for softness.

Dog Gear

You say you love your dog, but if you really love your dog, why are you dressing it in – gasp – cotton? Don’t worry, we’re here to save your relationship with Fido. Yes, cashmere pet clothes have arrived. Try Fifi & Romeo’s hip, understated cashmere argyle sweater. YW.


Who says you can’t wear cashmere sweatpants? Fools, that’s who! We love Helmut Lang’s cashmere track pants for men and Everlane’s cashmere sweat pant for women, which take the vaunted material from fancy to laid back in no time. Don’t be embarrassed to rock these. Kanye wore leather jogging pants, and nothing was the same ever again.

Nicole LaMotte for Parachute

Baby Items

Your baby’s skin is as soft as, well, you know. So give it the TLC it deserves. You’re bound to give your kid some “issues,” but right now poor taste won’t be one of them. We created the Cashmere Baby Bundle so you and your little can rock cashmere all fall long.

Care Items

Okay great! You’ve now replaced everything you own with the cashmere version. But how are you going to take care all those delicate fibers? Treat them nicely, that’s how. Use Woolite, just like mom did, or Wool & Cashmere Shampoo by The Laundress. And for pros, keep those threads ball-free with a cashmere brush.