Rug Styling 101

Written by
Laure Joliet for Parachute

We have a deep appreciation for beautiful decor and design at Parachute. And lately we've been thinking about all the ways that a rug can elevate a room. Here are some tricks on how they can transform any room using our artisanal hand-woven rugs.

Graphic Rug

A simple way to add texture to any room is by introducing a graphic rug. It’s an easy way to create visual variation without committing to bold colors or patterns. Our versatile Striped Flatweave Rug creates a modern vibe through a linear design and muted hues that beautifully complement more minimal furnishings. Bring life (and color, finally!) to your home with a graphic rug.

Braided Rug

We love the look and feel of our Braided Wool Rug next to the bed or alongside a couch. There’s nothing better than a plush landing pad for bare feet when you first wake up. A veteran decorator recently shared this tip with us: Your bedside is the best place to put a cushy rug. You rarely wear your shoes to bed, so a delicate piece like this will have greater longevity since it will only see the soles of your feet.

Kilim Rug

Bold design meets neutral hues in Medallion Wool Kilim rugs. Because our flatweave rugs are handcrafted in India – where it typically takes skilled artisans three to four weeks weave – they result in a durable, low-shedding rug that’s easy to vacuum. We love the idea of putting one in a bathroom or kitchen to add warmth to a sometimes sterile part of the house.

Textured Rug

Complete your space with this cozy tufted rug. Adorned with raised lines that float on constant ground, the subtle pattern and monochromatic look of our Textured Wool Rug elevate a room’s existing style. It’s cushioned feel shouldn’t be wasted – we imagine this rug in a living room or dining room where you, and lucky guests, can feel the softness beneath your toes.