Desert-Inspired Design Tips, With Laurel & Wolf

Written by
Laurel & Wolf
Nicole Franzen for Kinfolk

Simplicity in nature and design is the hallmark of desert modernism. A look once reserved for second homes in Palm Springs – or for artists seeking earthen inspiration – desert style is…so hot right now. Have you seen our showroom store?

You don’t have to pack your bags for the Sonoran or go on a shopping spree to get a desert-inspired look. We turned to our friends at Laurel & Wolf, the online interior design marketplace, for a few easy – and affordable – ways to evoke Southwestern feels. Paired with visuals from the home of designer Chy Parker, these tips will make your space as cool as desert nights.


Paint Your Walls White

Desert-inspired design is to meant to make your natural surroundings the focal point. All white walls provide a neutral backdrop and highlight sunshine (or create light in a home that doesn’t receive much naturally).


Choose a Warm Color Palette

The desert landscape is the only inspiration you need. Fiery sunsets, red rocks and stretches of sand translate into warm reds, oranges and beiges, creating a true desert vibe.


Invest in Eclectic Textiles

A warm, neutral base begs to be complemented with rich textiles. Layer on block-printed pillows, kilim rugs and vintage wall hangings.

Chy Parker for West Elm

Mix Natural Elements

Nubby, textured fabrics like linen and natural materials like live-edge wood keep your look rooted in nature. They also add a sense of warmth that contrasts with the white walls.

Chy Parker for West Elm

Plants Plants Plants

Buy as many cacti and succulents as will fit in your space  – the more the merrier! The display can be played with to create visual interest. Mix and match ceramic pots and consider hanging planters or peppering in vintage plant stands for variety.


Display Bold Accessories

Think outside the frame when it comes to art. When your other design elements are minimal, it’s important to make a statement with accents. Hang a vintage Moroccan rug, repurpose baskets as wall art or mount staghorn ferns. Anything goes.