DIY Natural Room Sprays

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Jolia Allen for Parachute

With just a few spritzes, room sprays instantly refresh your environment, arouse your senses and lift your mood. However, most off-the-shelf room sprays that claim “to clean” the air are actually chock-full of chemicals. Our advice? Forget the Febreze and make your own totally natural room spray instead. Read on for our two favorite recipes.

What You'll Need

Clean, 4 oz glass bottles with fine misting sprayers: You can find these in the bath and beauty aisle at most health food stores – such as Whole Foods – or online.

Filtered water: Any bottled water or filtered tap water.

Essential oils: Derived from plants, essential aromatherapy oils are used therapeutically to promote mind and body wellness. They can be found in the cosmetics section of most health food stores or online. While they involve a bit of an initial investment, they are potent and require only a small amount of oil per use, allowing one oil purchase to accommodate multiple purposes.

Vodka: Since water and oil don’t mix, adding vodka to the spray helps disperse the oil in the water. Remember to always give your room spray a good shake just before you spritz.

A small funnel (optional): While not a must, having a small funnel on hand is helpful when combining ingredients into the spray bottle. You can buy one at most liquor or kitchen stores – such as Sur La Table. Pro tip: Stock up on supplies and make additional sprays to give as holiday, birthday or hostess gifts!

Purifying Eucalyptus + Lemon Room Spray

In the bathroom, try our Purifying Eucalyptus + Lemon Room Spray. The scent of eucalyptus is both detoxifying and energizing (we’ve mentioned this before). Often used in steams and vapor rubs, eucalyptus helps clear the respiratory system and relieve congestion.  It even doubles as a household cleaner and disinfectant. Combined with lemon – another natural and purifying scent – this mist paired with our plush Mineral Hand Towels will elevate your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary where you can cleanse and renew your mind and body.



Remove nozzle from a 4 oz spray bottle and combine all ingredients into bottle using a funnel. Replace nozzle. Shake well before spritzing.

Sensual Sandalwood + Vanilla Room Perfume

For the bedroom, we suggest our Sensual Sandalwood + Vanilla Room Perfume. Sandalwood is best known to relax brain waves, calm the nervous system and ward off anxiety and insomnia. Plus, it’s a natural aphrodisiac (libido booster!), making it the perfect potion for potential romance. Blended with rich and sweet notes of vanilla, this intoxicating spray is the ultimate bedroom spray.


  • 3 oz filtered water
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 40 drops essential sandalwood oil blended with a carrier oil – such as jojoba – or 10 drops pure essential sandalwood oil
  • 20 drops essential vanilla oil


Remove nozzle from a 4 oz spray bottle and combine all ingredients into bottle using a funnel. Replace nozzle. Shake well before spritzing.

June 21, 2016
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