Guest Room Makeover, With Wit & Delight

Written by
Wit & Delight

It’s every traveler’s dream to crack open the door at their final destination and find a welcoming space to rest. If your guest room is still far from the stuff that dreams are made of, look no further. We employed the styling expertise of Kate Arends from Wit & Delight to impart some fresh ideas for decorating your guest room. In her words… “I love the idea of making small changes when regulars come over to stay, and new bedding is the perfect way to show your guests a little love."

The first update I made to the space was installing a gallery wall. I’ve been so hesitant to put any holes in our plaster walls, but it seems I got over that fear pretty quickly once I committed to this design.

The key to a great gallery wall is collecting pieces of varying sizes. What I love about this is that it makes an oddly shaped room feel a little more complete. I placed a chair in a previous dead space and built the wall around a puzzling built-in. Now, that awkward space feels a little less awkward.

I next dressed the bed in two different ways. First, with sharp graphic pillows and a grey Quilt. This is great for girlfriends or sisters who are looking for a modern and funky home away from home for the weekend. And who wouldn’t smile seeing these winking pillows upon arriving in your guest room??

I switched it up by adding Parachute’s new navy pillowcases. What I love most about the rich color is that you can use the pillowcases as accent pillows to complement a crisp white set. They turned a monochromatic guest room into a tranquil space that feels like being at a B&B.

I’ve had Parachute’s sheets on the guest bed for months now and everyone always asks where we got them. Regardless of the decor, an inviting bed is what people remember.