How to Recover From a Hangover

Written by
Erin Scottberg
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute

Though science has given rise to plenty of amazing discoveries, it hasn’t yet figured out why we get hangovers — or how to cure one (though more attention has been paid to the issue in the past decade). There are, however, some things to try that might ease the pain.  Below you’ll find some hangover remedies that will help you throw off the sheets, roll out of bed and get back in action.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

We have to start with the obvious: When you wake up with that oh-so-horrible combination of feeling thirsty, dizzy and lightheaded, reach for the agua. Since alcohol is a diuretic — coupled with the fact that you’re likely not drinking much water while you’re out — those nasty feelings are symptoms of dehydration. To help, the NHS advises drinking at least a pint of water before going to bed. Even better, alternate your alcohol with water throughout the night to avoid getting too tipsy (which, we know, is really the only guaranteed way to prevent a hangover) and keep yourself hydrated.

Take an Anti-Inflammatory Medication

It turns out that the common trick of taking an anti-inflammatory pill before bed (or first thing in the morning) may be one of the few preventative measures that’s backed by science. Some of the most recent anti-hangover research, conducted by the AHRG (Alcohol Hangover Research Group, we kid you not), suggests that hangovers may be an inflammatory response from your immune system, meaning that a couple OTC anti-inflammatory pills – like AdvilAleve or Aspirin – may help.

Reach for the Fruit Basket

Research from Australia’s national science agency released a study earlier this year showing that when eaten before consuming alcohol, pears may help metabolize alcohol more quickly. Though findings are preliminary, it’s worth a shot, especially considering pears are a staple in many a gift box and appetizer spread.

Swap the Sports Drink for a Sprite

While many think that sports drinks with electrolytes will help them feel better faster, the fact is you don’t lose that many electrolytes when drinking (and the additional chemicals and ingredients may be hard on your stomach). Instead, try a SpriteChinese researchers tested a variety of beverages and found Sprite to be the most effective at helping your body speed up the alcohol digestion process, therefore easing your hangover symptoms.

Brew Some Ginger Tea

If you suffer from nausea when you’re hungover, try keeping ginger tea on hand. Ginger naturally helps relieve nausea and can also help aid digestion, bloating, gas and vomiting. A ginger pill will do the trick, too, if you’re not into its flavor, though you lose the benefit of the additional hydration the tea offers.