Layer Your Bed Like a Stylist

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Parachute Team
Courtney Hierath and Jessica Schramm for Parachute

As the temperature starts to warm, we find ourselves dressing our beds in light spring layers. While these layers provide the ultimate in comfort, they’re also an opportunity to channel you inner soft stylist and drape your bed in pieces that are essential and timeless. From mattress toppers to the perfect throw – here’s how to create your coziest bed yet.

Mattress Toppers

The foundation of a great night’s sleep starts with your Mattress – but did you know you have the ability to customize your sleep experience? Start by adding a mattress pad – which adds a protective layer between you and your mattress – or a Down Feather Bed – that feels like you’re sinking into a marshmallow stuffed cloud each night. Looking for something more? Experience next-level comfort with a Wool Mattress Topper that offers extra support and cradles pressure points. Its naturally breathable, moisture wicking qualities and resilience to body impressions helps to provide a great sleep all year long.


Let’s start with the basics: you’re going to need a fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet insert and cover. This is your time to show your true colors, both literally and figuratively. Start by deciding what kind of sheets are best for you: Percale, Sateen, Linen or Brushed Cotton? The options are endless and preference is all personal. At the end of the day, you’re going to sleep better with Parachute – whichever fabric you choose. As for color, a light colored bedding base makes your room feel bright and warm no matter the season. However, this is the perfect time to show your style and mix and match. Our Brushed Cotton and Washed Sateen come in reversible designs so depending on your mood you can easily transition into the next season without overwhelming your linen closet.


Aside from the basic function of comfort that pillows provide, they’re also a great opportunity to add color, texture and dimension to your bed. The art of pillow arranging is simple enough. We like to start at the back of the bed and move in, towards the middle. Euro pillows are an obvious start for most Parachute made beds. Not only do they provide optimal back support when propping yourself up while reading a few pages before bed, but they create depth and add volume to your bed. Our suggested makeup goes as follows: For twin beds, one euro pillow, two are reserved for full and queen-sized beds and three for the elongated kings. Next are the pillows you sleep on. Choosing the right pillow is a very personal choice. One or many? Big and thick or little and lean? No matter your sleeping preference, soft, medium, firm or side sleeper, having two pillows per person creates the perfect look. When deciding on the decorative pillows that best fit your bed, designers typically rely on the rule of odd numbers. We’re fans of adding a simple linen lumbar pillow in front of your more traditional shams for lumbar support and a simple, cozy and unfussy look that can be arranged solo or used to balance printed pillows and throws. Another option is a Vintage Linen Body Pillow that instantly elevates your bed – functioning as the ultimate statement piece. The lived-in linen fabric and desert-inspired color palette make this pillow a standout addition to bed. Whether you precisely place, prop, mix or pile on your pillows, changing out shams and more decorative pillows regularly is an easy way to keep up with the season and coordinate with your bedding layers.

Quilts and Throws

A lesson in layering wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the pieces that most inspire our seasonal layering. Our more decorative Pieced Quilt has medium weight that’s ideal for layering – plus it’s like art for your bed. Like most layering options it can be folded at the foot of the bed for a finished look or layered on top for extra warmth. Style it messy for a casual look, tuck it in for an ultra-modern bed or carry it to the sofa for nap time. And of course, keeping a throw at the end of your bed is the final touch in a well layered bed, adding a luxurious touch to your entire bedroom.


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