Naptime, Improved

Written by
Parachute Team
Aubrie Pick for Parachute

The ritual of taking a nap can take many different forms. From a cat nap, to a power nap, to a disco nap, each siesta leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. No matter what type of nap fits your schedule, we want to ensure you reap all the rewards of your snooze. So turn down the temperature, turn up the white noise and hit the lights to discover how you can improve your naptime.

Set the Scene

Plants, books, soft music and Window Curtains drawn help create an environment conducive to napping. If this is going to be a regular occurrence, try adding a white noise machine and a Vitruvi Diffuser too!

Create Cozy Corners

When designing your ideal napping oasis, it’s essential to hone in on coziness. Not only does curling up with soft somethings block out distractions – helping you to achieve your inner most zen – but having those corners make a midday respite within reach.

Your corner needs to be comfortable – and with a little creativity, you can achieve one just about anywhere. Bring in your favorite linen sheets, your Side Sleeper Pillow and slip into your Waffle Robe for the ultimate in napping.

Make it Count

As you settle into your comfortable and welcoming space for you midday snooze, make sure to reflect on all the benefits your nap may provide. According to the Sleep Foundation, naps can enhance your performance, make you more alert and reduce the risk of mistakes and accidents. Sounds like a ritual we can get behind!