Bedtime Routines

Sam Rosen, MakeSpace

Written by
Parachute Team

MakeSpace Founder and CEO, Sam Rosen, is one busy man. When he’s not managing the groundbreaking on-demand storage company, Rosen is pushing himself to the limit in CrossFit and Soul Cycle. After a work day that starts at 6am and ends around 10pm., here’s how the lifelong hockey player and New Jersey native relaxes in his Manhattan apartment.

How do you start to decompress when you get home at night?

I’ve started being better about shutting off my phone 30 minutes before going to bed. This gives me enough time to quiet my mind and decompress. I also light incense, burn sage and light candles. Recently, I installed Philips hue lights so I can dim and change my lights to a deep red color, which is relaxing on my eyes. Also, instead of depending on my phone to wake me up, I’ve reverted to using an alarm clock.

What is the best space-saving trick that you use in your bedroom?

Other than MakeSpace?! The best space-saving trick is to only keep what I actually wear. I use MakeSpace for stuff I want, but don’t need right now. Everything else goes. I have no party outfits or one-time-use clothing, and I recently started wearing pretty much the same thing in rotation to cut down on the amount of things I need to own.

What’s currently on your nightstand?

Two wrist watches, an alarm clock and a money clip.

Pajamas? No pajamas? Tell us more…

I don’t like wearing pants. Friends call it Pooh-bearing.

Pillow count: more is more or just a few? How many are currently on your bed?

Four is perfect. One under the arm. One under the head. Always for two people. No more, no less. No decorative pillows!

People typically store things under their beds. If we took a peek under your bed, what would we find?

Even though I have a platform bed — I like being high up — I don’t have anything under the bed. I like it to be airy and clutter free.

What do you do to “declutter your mind” – as MakeSpace would say – before you fall asleep?

Take a hot shower. Drink some water. Put on relaxing music. And try my best to shut off my devices.

What do you do when you can't sleep?

I have back pain and often can’t fall asleep. Hot tea or reading a book usually does the trick. If all else fails, I’ll take melatonin.

When you’re asleep, do you take up a lot of space or do you keep yourself compact?

I’m pretty compact and don’t tend to sprawl out. I’ve been caught in funny positions (hands and arms crossed while laying on my back).