The Right Bedroom Color for You

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If you’re seeking to turn your space into a sanctuary that emanates calm and relaxation, the solution may be just a few paint strokes away. The link between color and its influence on mood has been studied for years. Scientists have surmised that an individual’s response to color is influenced by his or her body’s needs, memory association, family history or even current trends.

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Cool and Calming Colors

“When people say they want a soothing color for the bedroom, they often think of blues and grays,” says Donna Frasca, color expert, virtual and holistic designer in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She says that while these “coastal colors” are great choices for the bedroom – and people associate them with peacefulness – they’re a bit saturated in the marketplace. She recommends taking a holistic approach to color while considering trends – not relying on them entirely. Because colors affect each of us differently, it’s important to evaluate how certain hues and palettes make you feel.

When browsing color swatches online or at the paint store, ask yourself why you were drawn to particular hues or combinations. What colors come to mind when envisioning a morning sunrise or a beautiful sunset? Take note of the types of nature photos you’re drawn to – whether they’re lush meadows, beaches, stormy skies or wintry scenes – then bring those colors into your home.

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Romance in the Bedroom

When you want your bedroom to elicit a romantic mood, look to the purple color palette. Purple is a sensual color that’s universal, and it can be a nice compromise when, say, a woman likes pinks and reds, and a man is drawn to blues.

Purple is helpful in these instances because it’s not overly feminine or masculine (by heteronormative standards). Furthermore, it transitions well for those who have greys and blues in the house already.

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If You Want to be Bold

While many think red is a hot color for the bedroom, it can sometimes prove too much. If you’re interested in evoking a strong vibe that still feels modern and sexy, consider grey and brown hues, suggests Domaine. Keep the bedding color lighter to add contrast to the dark-colored surroundings.

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What's in Right Now

Less is more for 2015. Pick a few colors – no more than three – and keep it simple. Some new market colors to consider are lavender, cucumber and peach. “People shudder when I say peach, but coral reef is one of the colors of the year, and peach is in that family,” says Donna.

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No Color Will Actually Wreck Your Sleep

“No color will keep you up at night because your eyes are closed,” says Donna. Even if your room is neon green, it won’t affect your sleep because you’re likely tired when you’re falling asleep. It’s more important to choose colors in your room that you like and make you feel relaxed. If you like orange or black and feel relaxed when you’re surrounded by those colors, then choose them for your bedroom.