Bedroom Rug Inspiration
Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute

How Dreamy

Bedroom Rug Inspiration

We have a deep appreciation for beautiful Decor and design at Parachute. And today we have comfy, cozy and downright dreamy rugs at the top of our list. Here are a few favorites that we’ve bookmarked — and some tricks on how they can transform your room.

Sheepskin Rug

A sheepskin rug next to the bed.

A sheepskin rug next to the bed feels great under bare feet; Source: Shirley Meisels

We love the look and feel of a sheepskin next to the bed. There’s nothing better than a plush landing pad for bare feet first thing in the morning. A veteran decorator recently shared this tip with us: Your bedside is the best place to put a sheepskin rug. You rarely wear your shoes to bed, so a delicate piece like this will have greater longevity since it will only sees the soles of your feet.

Graphic Rug

A black and white graphic rug peeks out from under the bed.

A graphic rug adds visual interest to a minimalistic room; Source: Love By Serena

A simple way to add texture to any room is by using a graphic rug. It’s an easy way to create visual variation without committing to bold colors or patterns. If you’re not quite ready to invest in a completely eye-catching design, a black and white color scheme is the perfect compromise. It adds interest without taking away from the other elements of your decor.

Kilim Rug

A pink and red Turkish rug matches a blanket in the bedroom.

A bright Turkish rug becomes the focal point of any space; Source: Emily Katz

This rug is a complete splurge, but it’s also our absolute favorite right now. These kilim rugs, made in Turkey, often come in stunning patterns, or gorgeously simplistic ones, and leave an impact in any room. They can take months – or even years – to weave, making them an extra special purchase.