3 Reasons to Decorate with Oversized Floor Mirrors
Source: Decor Dots

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3 Reasons to Decorate with Oversized Floor Mirrors

When used correctly, a large floor mirror not only creates the illusion of space and dimension, but it also amplifies light – brightening up even the gloomiest room. (And if we’re being honest, a head-to-toe looking glass for an outfit check as we walk out the door doesn’t hurt either). Here are three reasons why you should incorporate oversized floor mirrors into your living space.

1. Brighten the Room

Floor mirror and white Duvet Cover.

Maximize natural light in your bedroom by placing a large mirror diagonal to a window; Source: Studio McGee

Sometimes a bedside lamp just doesn’t cut it. Amplify the light in your bedroom by strategically placing a floor mirror to reflect natural sunlight from a window. Complete the airy look with bright white Bedding and walls.

2. Make a Statement

Brass floor mirror and lucite chair.

Casually leaning an oversized floor mirror with an ornate frame keeps the look relaxed; Source: Studiojansje JFK

Add a decorative touch to your bedroom by selecting a mirror with an embellished frame. Maintain balance by pairing an antique, brass mirror with modern, lucite furniture.

3. Add Visual Interest

Floor mirror against white walls.

Floor mirrors create the illusion of space in a tiny bedroom; Source: Tia Borgsmidt

White walls? No problem. A slim, tall mirror adds dimension to an otherwise plain room by breaking up the space. Select a sleek frame in a dark hue to maximize contrast.