How to Partner with an Interior Designer
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How to Partner with an Interior Designer

In the pursuit of assembling the perfect space, some of us need to rely on the talents of professionals to get the job done – maybe a little…or maybe a lot. Briana Hesse and Allison Lind of RE:LOCATE settle people into their homes as much or as little as their clients request. They marry the function of a space with the lifestyle of the inhabitants to create a home that allows for a peaceful existence. We asked Briana to share some tips on how to find the right interior designer, and she shared a few tricks of the trade with us.

What are three things you wish everyone knew before they started working with an interior designer… 

1. It’s important for the client and the designer to take a moment and get to know one another before beginning such a personal project.

2. Let your designer get a sense of your needs, your desires and the space before leaping into the design. It’s normal to be eager and to want to dive right in.

3. It’s good to know your top priorities when redesigning your home. This will help you and your designer stay on track with what’s important to you.

What should someone look for when they’re trying to hire an interior designer? Any red flags to keep in mind?

While great designers design for you, everyone has a personal style and an area of expertise. With this in mind, it’s important to consider and appreciate the designer’s aesthetic. Also, trust your gut when hiring someone. If your communication is off from the beginning, it probably isn’t a good fit for either of you. The better the synergy, the better the outcome.

My favorite part of being in this business is understanding the client’s individuality, and how it fits in with their lifestyle. Ultimately, our goal is to take everything we learn about a person and create the perfect living environment for them.

What are the first things you consider when looking at a new space?

When I have a new project, I look at how the space flows so that we can figure out how it can be best utilized for the client.

What do you want to know about your clients? 

The most important thing that Allison and I need to know is how our client intends to use their home. If they are spending an evening in, we want to know if they are cooking or if they are on the couch with delivery and a movie. On a Sunday morning, are they stretching out in bed with coffee and the newspaper or have they just finished a five-mile run? Let’s face it, you’ve got to get personal with your designer in order to end up with the most tailor-made space possible.

What tricks do you use as a designer to make a home feel harmonious? 

We have a pretty simple recipe for harmony: a couple of accent pieces that make the client smile, candles, a great sound system and luxurious Bedding.

What are the key elements you think about when designing a bedroom? What would you say defines a luxurious, relaxing space?

When it comes to a bedroom, there are a few crucial elements to create what I like to call Chic Comfort. For this, you need a beautiful chaise, a yummy Cashmere Throw, a dynamic piece of art, good lighting and most importantly, an inviting bed.

Luxury is in the Bedding. Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely passionate about my Sheets. There is nothing more comforting then knowing you have a wonderful bed awaiting your arrival after a long day. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

What is your favorite recent design trend?

I love a neutral palette that invites a global flair. That, to me, is always on trend.

The best tip you ever learned about designing a space is…

Listen. Listen to your client; listen to the space. Both speak to you in such a unique way.