5 Ways to Style Navy at Home
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5 Ways to Style Navy at Home

Classic and chic, navy is a versatile neutral that can grab attention or demurely accent. Navy’s dichotomous nature can conjure a sense of strength while still offering blue’s overarching calm vibe. In honor of our newest color addition, we selected our favorite styling tips to help you incorporate navy into your home.

1. Neutrals and Navy

Navy pillows in a muted living area.

Navy accents grab attention and pull a room together; Source: Paper Blog

White pillows and navy couch in living room.

White Pillows are the perfect touch to a navy couch; Source: Amanda Holstein

If loud statements are not for you, try mixing navy with neutrals. When surrounded by neutrals, navy attracts your eye and anchors the room.

2. Add a Pop of Pink

Navy walls in the bedroom.

A bright pink pillow adds verve to an otherwise subdued room; Source: My Domaine

A navy couch with a pink-accented pillow.

A pink cross and a bright rug liven up a living room; Source: The Every Girl

Layering bright pink on navy lightens the mood and is an easy way to achieve a look that pops.

3. Mix in Gold Accents

A navy bedroom with a gold lamp.

Layering different textures in the same color adds depth to any room; Source: Bebitalia

A bedroom with a navy rug and gold mirror.

Gold accents, like this chandelier or mirror, are the perfect way to elevate a bedroom; Source: Erin Spain

Gold and navy are sophisticated bedfellows. We recommend mixing different textures of navy to add depth to this color scheme.

4. Use Bright White Walls as a Backdrop

A white-walled bedroom with navy accents.

Neutrals are the perfect backdrop for navy accents; Source: Design Blossom

A white and navy bedroom.

Bright white and navy create a clean and bright space; Source: Amber Interiors

There is something about navy in front of a clean whitewashed wall that is incredibly pleasing to the eye. Although bright white walls are an amazing background for nearly any color – we vote for navy!

5. Paint Your Walls

Navy walls in the living area.

A textured navy wall framed by a white moulding couples perfectly with hardwood floors; Source: My Domaine

Navy bedroom with white bedding.

Navy walls make a bold statement in the bedroom; Source: SFrank

Common decorating rules dictate that dark walls are a faux pas. We could not disagree more. When paired with the right lighting, dark walls can upgrade the cozy factor in a room. Adding white moulding will help showcase the strength of the navy paint.