Dream Interpretations
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Dream Interpretations

We spend 1/3 of our lives between the Sheets – and an average 6 years of that time is spent dreaming. Is it possible to assign meaning to our dreams?  We asked Liz Souza – dream analyst, psychic and medium – to help us crack the nighttime code.

Liz says the first thing to do is to isolate the key words or symbols that you remember and focus on what they mean to you. “If you dream of the sun, for example, ask yourself what the sun means to you. Is it warmth? A season? Being at a certain tropical location? Bright light? Acknowledging your personal connection to the images will open up the art of dream interpretation and help you to understand where your mind travels at night.”

Below are her insights to some of the most classic dreams and what they could mean.

Being Chased

Being chased in a dream represents not facing our fears. It is our subconscious mind running from something that we are too afraid to confront. It’s a sign that we need to reexamine things and face head-on what’s bothering us. For instance, if we find that we are constantly procrastinating, that issue will creep up into our sleep and manifest itself as a dream of being chased. It’s also important to recognize what it is that is chasing us. Is it a small or large object or person? Something or someone familiar to you? Each dream  is very personal, and each interpretation is truly based on our own experiences and thoughts.


Forgetting one’s line in a play or forgetting to study for a test would represent you’re feeling insecure. An actual play or test symbolizes a situation where you could fail publicly and would be judged by others.


Water imagery represents emotions. Being on a boat charting rough waters, for example, could represent a difficult time in your life. But swimming in a calm ocean could signify peace and tranquility. When water shows up in a dream, it means that the situation is emotionally charged and close to the heart.

Trying to Scream

Trying to scream in a dream represents both feelings of frustration and not being heard in your life. It is a clear sign that our words and thoughts are not being communicated.

Naked in Public

A dream of being naked represents our fear of exposing our inner most thoughts and feelings to the world.


A dream of falling could represent our losing balance in our lives. It could also signify our fears of letting go, of slipping away from something or someone that we are hanging onto. As with all of our dream analysis, it is important to note what is happening around you during the dream of falling.


As with any dream analysis, the most important thing to do is to ask yourself what something means to you personally. Ask yourself what your teeth mean to you. Are they simply a physical attribute? Are you worried about losing a part of you that is strong and beautiful? Are they a tool for nourishing your body? Are you feeling that you are losing strength in your life? It is critical to examine what your images mean to you.

Feeling Lost, Trapped

A dream of feeling lost could represent being uncertain of your life path. Feeling trapped in a dream is a sign we are not expressing ourselves. If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in a job or relationship, a dream of being trapped could creep into your sleep world.


Death is by far one of the most common dreams and probably the one that causes the most anxiety. Death signifies loss, and dreaming of the death of a loved one could represent feeling a loss in a part of that relationship. Do you feel like someone has changed? Has your relationship with that person changed? Are you afraid of losing this person? Death can also represent change and rebirth. When you dream of a person’s death, it may not specifically be about a person at all, but the change within a relationship or situation.

Finally, as Liz is also a Medium, she offers her thoughts on being visited by deceased loved ones during sleep. She says that a “visit” is usually very vibrant and emotionally moving. “It’s different from those jumbled dreams we usually experience because it seems to have a natural flow. Instead of pieces of odd information or random images, a visit will seem to actually make sense!” She says that you might wake up feeling a sense of relief, of love or of having literally had a visit with those who have crossed over. “Messages are sometimes given, but that is not their mission. Their main objective is to give you comfort and confirmation that their energy is still with you.” She also notes that since everyone experiences connections to the other side in different ways, if you are not dreaming of a loved one, that does not mean they aren’t watching over you. “And at some point in your life, you most likely will experience the ‘visit dream.’” For a dream analysis with Liz, email her here.