Breakfast in Bed: The Basics
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Breakfast in Bed: The Basics

Let’s be real: Breakfast in Bed is not an everyday occurrence. Whether we are plating or being served, it’s reserved for special occasions. We asked Barrett Prendergast of catering co Valleybrink Road (and creator of the most rustic-chic gift boxes) how to build the ultimate tray.

Woman baking cookies in the kitchen.

Los Angeles based chef, Barrett Prendergast, is an expert on entertaining and cooking; Source: Valleybrink Road

How can you make your breakfast tray visually beautiful?

I think a small bud vase with a few flowers, a pretty linen napkin and some reading material help elevate the presentation of the breakfast. Does the person you are serving the tray to love the New York Timesor are they more of a Food and Wine type? Tailor it to his/her likes. Think of little things that they love…a specific flower, color, newspaper, type of coffee. Build the tray keeping these things in mind.

Is there any specific type of tray that you like for this purpose?

I think the best kind of tray for breakfast in bed is simple in design and has sturdy legs to balance on top of the Bedding. This will make it much easier for the person eating to relax and enjoy, without thinking about a tray resting on their lap. I would go for an all-wood tray or a combination of white and wood. The simplicity of the tray will make the food stand out more.

Is it a moment to break out the china or should you keep it casual?

I use Heath Ceramics Coupe Opaque White plates and serving pieces for my trays. I love serving food on all white, so the focus is really on the beautiful presentation, colors and plating of the food. No need to break out the china. Although breakfast in bed is the ultimate morning luxury, you still want it to feel relaxed and enjoyable.

Flowers are such a big part of your gift service. What kind of flowers do you suggest adding to a breakfast tray?

If the person has a favorite color flower, I would go with that. If you’re not sure, white and blush colored flowers always look beautiful. Don’t go overboard though. A small bud vase filled with a few flowers, such as ranunculus, dahlias or garden roses, is all you really need.

What is your favorite morning beverage to serve?

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and an Americano. I use a Bialetti and Lavazza Espresso to prepare it. If the person likes milk, add a splash of Strauss Organic Whole Milk.

Because breakfast in bed is the ultimate morning luxury, what would be an ideal indulgent breakfast meal to serve?

Lemon ricotta pancakes, crispy bacon, berries and freshly squeezed orange juice. And some coffee, of course!

Lemon ricotta pancakes with berries.

Sweeten your morning with a stack of lemon ricotta pancakes; Source: Girl Cooks World