Meet The Mattress: Everything You Need to Know

Written by
Parachute Team
Laure Joilet for Parachute

The Parachute mattress is here! After years of pursuing our dream of creating the perfect mattress, we completely redesigned the coil mattress for the best sleep experience yet. Thoughtfully designed with ergonomic comfort zones to keep your spine aligned and masterfully crafted entirely of premium eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, The Mattress is the foundation of a great night’s sleep.

No matter your sleep style, our medium-firm mattress provides exceptional, lasting comfort and support. But, what exactly, is medium-firm – and how does it affect support? Here we break down the difference, and importance, between the two and how Parachute makes the difference.

What is Firmness?

Firmness can most easily be understood as the comfort of a mattress; how soft or firm a mattress immediately feels. It’s important to distinguish that firmness and support are not the same. Firmness relates to the uppermost layers of a bed – hence immediate feel and comfort – while support provides spinal alignment in the middle and lower layers.

Because of this firmness of a bed is entirely subjective – what is comfortable to some, may be uncomfortable to others – beds that immediately feel soft may still provide excellent support below. At the end of the day, we chose a medium-firm mattress – the most widely recommended by medical professionals – for ultimate comfort for every body.

What is Support?

Where firmness is the initial feel, support is what makes the difference. Support refers to how well a mattress promotes spinal alignment and while firmness can be subjective, support is not. Our spines naturally have a slight curve, so it’s crucial a mattress supports this curve by relieving pressure points.

The Mattress features distinct ergonomic comfort zones, providing unique levels of support for the different pressure points within the body. This includes positioning firmer coils in the center of the mattress, providing more neutral alignment for the spine, flanked by softer zones offering additional comfort for the legs, shoulders, and head. Our medium-firm mattress provides the ideal blend of softness and support, whether you tend to sleep on your back, side, stomach, or switch positions over the course of the night.

The Parachute Difference

When we set out to create the Parachute Mattress, we developed a list of everything we didn’t want it to include: no adhesives, no petrochemicals, no chemical flame retardants, no gimmicky materials – just quality materials that anyone can understand.

To ensure every component of The Mattress is recyclable, breathable and eco-friendly, we partnered with a fourth-generation mattress manufacturer whose profound expertise and ingenuity we needed to create a product unlike any other. The Mattress comes as a result of thousands of customer requests, countless hours of design concepting, material selection and prototype testing for a superior sleep experience and, ultimately, a more comfortable home.