Stylish Baby Items, With Elaina Bellis

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Elaina Bellis
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Bringing home baby – or babies – shouldn’t mean sacrificing a fashionable lifestyle. For kid-friendly items that combine form and function, we turned to model and art director Elaina Bellis. Beyond her breezy and inspired style, this mother of identical twin girls has garnered a large following for her honest accounts of her difficulties breastfeeding and the devastating stillbirth of her firstborn son. Admiring her thoughtful approach to modern motherhood – and to design – we asked Elaina to share the stylish and sustainable items that keep her family feeling – and looking – their best!

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Eco-Friendly Diapers

We try to keep harsh chemicals out of the home, especially for items that come into direct contact with the babies every day. That’s why I love Bamboo’s Eco-Friendly Diapers! They’re chemical-free, allergen-free and latex-free. They’ve never given my girls diaper rash. Bamboo Eco-Friendly Diapers

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Diaper Bag and Changing Mat

The Fawn + Cub Ruckus Sack (Diaper Bag + Changing Mat Combo) is our absolute favorite. Handmade in L.A., the bags – and mats – are lined with Organic Cotton and a BPA-free wipe clean fabric for inevitable messes. Bonus: The bag is really cute, too! Fawn + Cub Ruckus Sack

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Storage Baskets

The Beachcomber Baskets are handwoven from sustainable materials and provide a beautiful storage solution for not-so-beautiful toys. The baskets are very versatile, and I often find new spots to place them throughout the house. Plus, I’m always in awe of how much they can actually hold! Pottery Barn Beachcomber Baskets

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Knit Sweaters

By far my favorite sweaters to keep the girls warm! Each piece is hand-knit in Peru and exquisitely made. Misha & Puff is the type of clothing you store for your kids to give their kids. Misha & Puff Popcorn Sweater

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I love supporting small businesses, and I can’t say enough good things about this brand! Graciela Portillo – the young mom and founder of Saxon and Sunra – has a great sense of style and creates individual pieces of art. Case in point: The floral rompers. Each item from the collection is handcrafted in California with a focus on quality over quantity. Saxon and Sunra Hydra Romper Dainty

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Cashmere Baby Blanket

I’ve been a huge fan of Parachute for a while (hey neighbor) and was thrilled to celebrate their baby collection debut. My twins and I co-sleep, but when they do move into their own room, I know where to go for baby bedding. Right now, we’re loving story time wrapped in the cozy Cashmere Baby Blanket. Parachute Cashmere Baby Blanket