The Best Bedding For You, According to the Zodiac

Written by
Amber Warren
Ashley Hosmer

For millennia, humankind has looked to the stars for the answers to some of life’s greatest questions: Where is fate taking me? Will I ever find true love? What is my perfect bedding? Whether you take this into serious consideration or are simply looking to break the tie between percale or sateen (we’ve all been there), our in-house astrology expert, Amber Warren, is here to provide insight to one of life's most daunting questions…

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You, Aries, are the quintessential fire sign: impetuous, passionate and a little manic (but in a good way). So it’s no surprise you tend to run hot when you sleep. That’s why we’re recommending our cool and lightweight Percale Venice Set sans top sheet, because really, who has time for that?

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As a Taurus, you’re above all else, a sensual being who relishes in the finer things: beautiful music, gourmet food and Parachute bedding, of course. Your quest for comfort can appear to others as laziness, but we know better – we know comfort. For something that looks great even in an unmade bed, you require light and airy, casually elegant Linen Sheet Set topped off with a cozy Quilt.

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Symbolized by the Twins, Geminis are masters of combination, communication and influence. You love to experiment and share your findings with others, which is why we’re calling it now: a mixed bed of a Percale Duvet Cover, a Linen Sheet Set and Sateen Shams is sure to drive your 10,000 followers on Instagram crazy. Remember to tag Parachute!   

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Cancer is a water sign and one of the most sensitive of the zodiac. You desire roots and resist sudden changes in life. To satisfy the dependability you crave, an always smooth and soft Sateen Sheet Set (with a top sheet) will provide you with the perfect night’s sleep.

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As ruler of the zodiac, you’re confident and robust, with a larger than life personality. To compliment your flamboyant nature go with a Blush Linen Venice Set paired with a lux throw. After all, royalty deserves the best.  

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Do you love organizing? Do you crave order? Did you just finish binging, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo?” As a Virgo, you’re the ultimate perfectionist and you’re not afraid to show it. Making your bed isn’t a chore, it’s a ritual, and without that ritual you’re often left feeling restless. That’s why we recommend a bed with many components: a Percale Sheet Set layered with a Matelasse Coverlet, a few decorative pillows and a throw, arranged just so.

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Like the scales suggest, Libras are constantly seeking balance both in life and in their bedding. Our Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set perfectly fits your sensibility by weaving from the finest long-staple Turkish cotton for an incredible experience that is harmoniously soft and fluffy.

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Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, you’re not afraid of change. In fact, you’ve learned to embrace it. That’s why you deserve a Linen Sheet Set that responds to climatic changes – keeping you warm in the frigid winter and allowing your body to breathe in warmer weather. Each season will feel like a new beginning.  

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Known for your humor, honesty and ability to get along with everyone, you come off as a natural people pleaser. But (there’s always a but), you also possess a strong independent streak. We're letting you make the call with color and fabric when it comes to our most popular bedding item: the Venice Set.

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Work hard, live large is the Capricorn motto. You’re constantly willing to go the extra mile and equally eager to show off your accomplishments. Enjoy the fruits of your labor by rewarding yourself with a Sateen Sheet Set, as dazzling as it is comfortable, styled up with a matching Matelasse Coverlet and Euro Shams.

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Ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and change, you are a trend setter, innovator and humanitarian: valuing personal freedom above all else. You deserve a Linen Venice Set that not only grows softer with each wash, but also provides a life saving mosquito prevention bed-net to those in need with each purchase.

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Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, you too may often feel like you’re being pulled two different ways. Habitual daydreamers and believers in the good of mankind, you're going to feel most at home with the unexpected mix of a White Sateen Sheet Set and a Fog Linen Duvet Cover.