5 Ways to Clear Your Sleep Space for Love
Source: Numerama

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5 Ways to Clear Your Sleep Space for Love

Looking to ignite – or rekindle – a flame in your life? Chances are you’re going to wind up in the bedroom at some point. Make sure your space is set for welcoming romance, not repelling it. You don’t need much, just an open mind and a few items from this list. Less is ‘amore’ here!

1. Start with Sage

Bundles of burning sage.

Burning sage has been used as a spiritual cleanser by countless cultures spanning from Ancient Celtics to Native Americans; Source: Honeysuckle Life

Sage is like the dustbuster of energy cleaning: compact, easy to use and effective. Sage comes dried, tied together in bunches. Hold the stem, light the tip and wave it around any area of your bedroom that needs a pick me up. When you feel like the sage has done its job, stub the sage bunch in an ashtray or dish to put it out. You can also run the sage tip under water to extinguish.

2. Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

A Himalayan rock salt lamp sits on a desk.

Himalayan rock salt was formed when the primal oceans dried up millions of years ago. This potent mineral is believed to have a multitude of healing powers; Source: Broke and Chic

Himalayan salt lamps look very cool – basically like pinkish orange gems lit from the inside – but they also serve a purpose, energetically. Healers often work with salt. Some keep a small bowl of salt beside them, and as they “sweep” impurities off of you, they “dispose” of them in the salt bowl. That’s because salt is essentially an energy disinfectant, clearing any negativity and readying you for real love.

3. Have Two Pillows – Even if You Only Use One

A beautifully-made, white bed.

Open up your space energetically; don’t neglect an unused side of the bed; Source: Hotel Covell

If you’re single, you need to trick out your imaginary partner’s side of the bed at least as nicely as your own. According to the law of attraction, if your bed is inhospitable to imaginary people, real ones will not appear. So that means that you need a second Pillow of course, and also, per feng shui, a side table on both sides of the bed. This news might annoy you if your bed is currently wedged into the corner of your bedroom, but you can thank us at your wedding.

4. Keep Rose Quartz on Your Nightstand

A woman holds a piece of rose quartz.

Known as the ‘love stone’, rose quartz is believed to emit energy that is conducive to joy, warmth and healing; Source: Gallery Hip

We know: You already have a pinkish Himalayan salt lamp. But rose quartz is essential not only for welcoming the love of others, but also for fostering self-love (which you really do need to sort out before getting together with someone else). You can find raw, uncut rose quartz that won’t feel too girly from most gem shops or online; it looks hipper than its polished counterpart, and it’s also less expensive.

5. Get Rid of Lingering Ex-memorabilia

If you want to welcome new love, sleeping next to that book of Pablo Neruda poetry your ex gave you is not the answer. That’s what closets – and Salvation Army – are for. And get some new Sheets. No, we’re not saying that because we are a Bedding company; how dare you! We’re saying that because according to Jennifer Koebele of Reflect on This, people who want to release attachments to past partners should, “Get rid of the sheets you slept on together and replace them with fresh sheets that represent a new beginning.”