5 Ways to Style Linen at Home
Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute

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5 Ways to Style Linen at Home

Exuding a light, relaxed elegance, Linen is not only beautiful but also extremely versatile. From tabletops to wall hangings (yes, even chandeliers!), there are many ways to use Linen beyond your Bedding and around the home, too. Here are a few of our favorite ways to style Linen…

1. Curtains

Linen curtains hang near a fireplace.

White Linen curtains give a room a relaxed, elegant feel; Source: Lizzo

What makes Linen so remarkable is its perfect middle ground appeal. Linen curtains are transparent enough to let light in but thick enough to offer privacy and keep out an afternoon glare. For breezy Amalfi coast vibes, try white Linen curtains in any room in your home.

2. Table Dressing

A Linen sheet doubles as a tablecloth.

Even just a White Linen Sheet can double as a beautiful tablescape; Source: Origin Crafts

So you need a tablecloth but don’t want an overly formal or “done” look at your dinner party? Enter Linen. Whether you use it as a runner, tablecloth, napkin or placemat, Linen adds a rustic chic look – especially in summer or for outdoor events.

3. Shower Curtains

A linen shower curtain hangs around a bathtub.

A striped Linen shower curtain is an attractive and functional alternative to plastic; Source: Pottery Barn

Less plastic, more Linen. Give your bathroom a natural overhaul by trying a Linen shower curtain in lieu of standard synthetic liners. Its natural durability and absorbent qualities make it not only an attractive alternative, but also a functional one.

4. Towels

Linen towels in blue and white hang on a rack.

Blue and white Linen towels add a slightly nautical touch to your Decor; Source: Number Four Eleven

Lightweight Linen towels are a nice touch in the kitchen, bathroom, beach or even backyard! Again, their absorbency and durability make them suitable for conditions where water may be around. Why do you think Linen is so popular in the Greek isles, after all? Bonus points for a white and blue summer nautical look.

5. Wall Hangings and Chandeliers

A DIY linen lampshade hangs in a room.

Making your own lampshade ensures an original touch; Source: A Beautiful Mess

Less common than a standard dining room chandelier, but equally (if not more) a centerpiece, a Linen wall hanging is something worth trying. You can even make one using strips of Linen fabric. While we don’t love the thought of anyone cutting apart our Linen Top Sheets, we approve when it’s for a Linen chandelier like the one below.