5 Ways to Style a White Bedroom
Source: Genevieve Garruppo

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5 Ways to Style a White Bedroom

A bedroom awash in white is chic and calming any time of the year. White is an ideal color if a room is on the smaller side, as it maximizes light and gives the illusion of a larger space. The key to making white-on-white work: don’t be one-note.

Add visual interest by layering textures to create depth while remaining true to your pale palette (remember, there are hundreds of variations on white from high gloss bright hues to warmer, milky shades). Here are just a few styles we’re into, no matter what the season.

1. Go Glam

Different textures of white layered in the bedroom.

Layering different textures of white keeps a room glam without becoming overcrowded; Source: Sukio

Just because you’re sticking to a single color does not mean you have to adopt a minimalist sensibility. Keeping your interior elements in a white-on-white palette avoids a cluttered feel and allows luxe materials to really make a statement. So go ahead and get bold on your blank canvas. Think mirrored nightstands, a tufted headboard and a few marble or Lucite accents for decadent, Old Hollywood vibes.

2. Relaxed Romance

Bohemian elements accent a white room.

A bohemian bedroom can easily be tasteful on a budget; Source: Maison du Monde

A bohemian spin on the all-white look evokes low-key romance and nostalgia. While you’re on the hunt for the perfectly patinaed wrought-iron bed frame, start small with sheer lace curtains, daisies in milk glass vases on the nightstand or a vintage mirror. Flea market finds take on a new life with a coat of white paint (and if you’re DIY-averse, there are plenty of ready-made options available).

3. Opposites Attract

A bedroom in white and black tones.

White and black are the perfect complementary colors; Source: Bohemian Tree House

It’s basic math: White plus black equals crisp, clean and classic. To really play up a two-tone palette, look for pieces that offer a high textural contrast. A framed black and white photograph over the headboard, a glossy lacquered lamp or a geometric flatweave underfoot are all excellent options for unfussy, high-impact accents.

4. Nordic Cool

A room done completely in white.

A mod and minimalist Scandinavian inspired room is perfect for hot temperatures; Source: Scandinavian Designs

The Scandinavian approach to interiors is heavily influenced by making the most of natural light (not surprising, considering the gloomy winters and lengthy daylight hours of Midsummer). Although the quintessential Nordic whitewashed floors are a big commitment, there are plenty of other ways to emulate stripped-down Scandi style. Embrace negative space and accent sparingly with blonde wood, midcentury modern lighting and a meaningful piece of folk art.

5. Bright and Beautiful

A sparse bedroom with an all-white bed.

Adding a scoop of oxygenated bleach to your regular laundry detergent will keep your whites bright; Source: Chapter Friday

Perhaps more frightening than the prospect of committing to monochrome is the stain anxiety that all-white anything induces. Keep your Bedding bright by adding a scoop of oxygenated bleach to your laundry with regular detergent (unlike regular bleach, it can be used on non-whites). For an eco-friendly stain remover, apply white vinegar or lemon juice directly to stains (a dab of hydrogen peroxide will also do the trick). And if you must have a glass of wine while you watch Netflix in bed, make it a sauvignon blanc.