Good to be Home: Team Parachute’s 2019 Travel Diaries

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Parachute Team
Whitney Bonrud

Travel is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. When we travel we’re not only taking in new places, but expanding our horizons, feeding passions and sparking creativity. Our friends at Paravel, couldn’t agree more. They create luggage durable enough to stand up to overhead bins yet beautiful enough to stand out on the streets. We partnered with Paravel to share four summer travel stories, from no other than the Parachute team. From their most memorable moments, to the best part of coming back home, here’s what our team had to say…

Lindsey McMahon, Senior Copywriter

Where did you travel to:Paris, France

With Whom:My husband, Charlie.

Most memorable part of the trip:It was my first time in the city, so in one day we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, toured the Louvre, popped by the Arc De Triomphe and made time to eat lots of crepes.

Best part of coming home:Taking a hot shower after a very long plane ride, eating a salad and falling back into my own bed.

Whitney Bonrud, Senior Brand Manager

Where did you travel to:Greece: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini

With whom:Solo!

Most memorable part of the trip:On my 6th day in Greece I arrived to Santorini by Ferry. The Port of Fira is at the perfect location to see Oia, Thirasia and one of the volcanos before you step foot on the island. Up a system of switchbacks and a 45-minute drive along the ridge of the island later, I arrived to Red Stone Villa of Finikia, a small, traditional Greek town just minutes outside Oia with only my Paravel bag. Markos, the owner of Red Stone (and the kindest human you’ve yet to meet) was waiting by the side of the road, ready to take me through the long, winding pathways between the cave houses to where I’d spend the next four days. He said, “Oh you are alone? But, you rented the biggest room.” He opened the door and introduced me to my new home. Two floors with expansive views of the sea, the neighborhood and farmers down below. Upstairs he opened up a tiny little door that we could barely fit out of, that led to the rooftop. And, just in time for a famous Oia sunset, he handed me a glass of wine from the island and I began to cry.

Best part of coming home:Dropping my bags somewhere that I can deal with them later and hopping into bed with my animals. Cozying up with them and falling asleep replaying the memories of those who made their mark on me the days prior.

Katrina Lauron, Email Marketing Coordinator

Where did you travel to:Mexico City

With whom:My boyfriend, Alvin.

Most memorable part of the trip:Sipping ice cold margaritas at the San Angel Inn. It’s an old monastery-turned-restaurant with a beautiful courtyard and sits right next to the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museum. We visited after walking around Coyoacán and it was the perfect way to end our afternoon.

Best part of being home:Getting some alone time! It’s fun traveling with a partner but I like being able to relax and decompress on my own after a trip.

Annie Clark, Content Manager

Where did you travel to?:London

With whom:My boyfriend, Bryce.

Most memorable part of the trip:This was the first time I’ve been to London and felt like a local. Most trips have been filled with museum visits and must-see historical sites. We relished in the familiarity and eventually ventured about 100 miles east of the city to the Cotswolds for a day. The english country side was more quaint then I could’ve imagined – sort of. I had heard countless rave reviews so I planned ahead and had my Paravel weekender on hand with some wine and an extra set of clothes so we were able to turn the day trip into an overnight stay.

Best part of coming home:Nothing prepares you for a 12 hour flight like the thought of a well-made bed waiting for you at the other end. I am meticulous about cleaning up the house before heading on a trip, so I can look forward to taking a shower with clean towels and later climb into fresh sheets. I found myself looking forward to jet lag and the long naps to come.


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