How to Prepare Your Bathroom for Overnight Guests
Source: Benjamin Holtrop/Parachute

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How to Prepare Your Bathroom for Overnight Guests

When getting ready to host overnight guests, we tend to focus on washing the Bedding, jazzing up the spare room and fully stocking the fridge. And while all those tasks are important, prepping the bathroom often gets overlooked.

Whether you have a separate bathroom or will be sharing your own, there are a few things you can do to make your visitors feel completely comfortable in the loo. Here are 8 tips and some of our favorite bathroom toiletries to boot…

1. Plenty of Basics

The essentials for a well-stocked guest bathroom.

A basket stored discreetly near the toilet keeps extra toilet paper out of sight but easily accessible; Source: Casa Tres Chic

First and foremost, make sure your guests can easily access the essentials. At a minimum, this means having extra rolls of toilet paper in a prominent spot, extra boxes of tissues, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner plus shaving gel and a new razor. You might want to consider providing hand sanitizer and a natural room spray.

2. Yummy, Plush Towels

Parachute's Classic Towels in the bathroom.

Dedicate a few complete sets of Parachute’s Classic Towels for guests’ use only; Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute

We can all agree that having a beautiful set of guest bed linens is a must, but are your guest Towels up to par? A freshly laundered stack of Bath Towels, easily accessible Hand Towels and a few extra Washcloths go a long way. Make sure you also have towel bars and a hamper accessible so they know where to hang and then toss their used Bath products.

3. A Luxe Robe

Keep a robe on hand in your guest bathroom.

Go the extra mile and provide a robe for your guests; Source: Roomed

One of our favorite things about staying in a luxury hotel is the sumptuous white robe waiting in the closet. Go the extra mile and purchase one or two Bathrobes for visitors, then hang them on wooden hangers in their room.

4. Soy Candles

Candles and a plant sit near the bathroom sink.

Two candles and a small plant make a lovely vignette; Source: Pencil and Paper Co.

Adding a softly scented natural candle to your bathroom is another thoughtful touch. Choose a candle with a more neutral smell for guests who might have a sensitive olfactory system. Keep some matchbooks nearby (we suggest vintage books or matches from nearby establishments you love). Light the candle right before your guests arrive – they’ll feel less shy about reigniting it later, maybe for a bath.

5. Special Extras

Fresh flowers light up a guest bathroom.

Fresh blooms and a fancy toothbrush will make your guests feel welcome; Source: Anna Hepfer Designs

To offer your guests a truly exceptional stay, invest in a few toiletries and cosmetics they’ll likely need but might not bring. Keep them on the bathroom counter so visitors know to help themselves. We’re talking special extras here, like these:

6. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit hangs in the guest bathroom.

A clearly labeled first aid kit is an essential in every bathroom; Source: Domino

A first aid kit is one of those items that you don’t really think about…until you desperately need it. While it’s not necessary to have this out in the open, you should definitely store one (perhaps under the sink or stylishly on the wall) just in case.

7. Bubble Bath

Bath essentials kept next to the bathtub.

Display an assortment of bath accoutrement near the tub for guests to indulge; Source: Jessie Webster

If you have a nice bathtub (claw foot for the win!), keep some sustainable bubble bath or DIY salts on hand for use. Display these items together in a basket next to the tub for easy access.

8. Inspiring Magazines and Easy Reads

Books kept on shelves near the tub.

We love how this bathroom’s ample reading material doubles as statement decor; Source: Decoist

Keep a curated selection of recent magazines and a few books in the bathroom as well. If you know your guests’ preferences, place those on top. For example, if you have a foodie friend in town grab the newest issue of Gather Journal. Also keep a few design books that are enjoyable to browse: Justina Blakeney’s “New Bohemians” is a crowd pleaser.