#MyParachuteHome Makeover: Richard Blais’ Master Bedroom

Written by
Parachute Team
Jessica Schramm for Parachute

For our latest #MyParachuteHome Makeover, we took a trip down the coast to Del Mar, California to Top Chef and restaurateur Richard Blais’ family home. Having always had great taste (hello Top Chef All Stars, Juniper and Ivy and the Crack Shack!), the master bedroom he shares with wife Jazmin, was bland. Cue design expert Orlando Soria, who came in ready to spice things up! With a shared love of nature and the outdoors, Richard and Jazmin wanted to transform their dark “grotto” into a retreat from their busy lives, raising two young daughters. Watch as Orlando turns up the heat in this makeover for the books...

Tips From Orlando, Interior Designer

What were your top priorities when you started designing this stale space? How were you able to spice it up?:I wanted this space, which was tasteful but flavorless, to be more of a reflection of Richard and Jazmin’s style. It felt like the previous space was just how they found it when they moved in – they hadn’t had time to consider how to make it their own. So I spent some time trying to figure out what their priorities were and what would best represent them. Adding color, art and a more considered layout helped me make the space personal to them which made the space much cozier and more colorful.

Richard and Jazmin live very eco-friendly and love the outdoors. What are your tips for bringing the outside in?:For me, it’s much more about color palette and materials than anything else. In this space, I added a nod to nature with the wall color, the artwork from Emily Keating Snyder above the bed and the handcrafted natural wood ladder from the Citizenry. There are small ways you can reference the outdoors without putting a giant nature photo on the wall (although sometimes that looks great too…). Lastly we went with custom linen window treatments from Barn & Willow that filter in light while still providing privacy. The white from the curtains, Braided Wool Rug and cloud cotton bedding brightens the room instantly. 

Bed made with Parachute bed.

This was the first #MyParachuteHome makeover of a couple’s bedroom. How were you able to address both of their needs, styles and wants in the design?: Richard and Jazmin seem to be pretty much on the same page style wise, so combining their tastes wasn't hard. One thing I did to make sure the bedroom felt like both of them was to balance the masculine and feminine elements. Some items, like the contemporary headboard from Article, are more structured while others, like the bedside tables, are a bit softer and more playful. I like creating this balance no matter the room, but it's especially important for a couple.

Tips From Richard, Client

As a chef and restauranteur you travel a lot for work. What were your top priorities for this new space?:It was really important for me to have a relaxing space for Jazmin and me to unwind from our hectic schedules. I also wanted the room to better reflect us, our likes and preferences but in a more refined way. 

What have been the most surprising parts of the makeover?: Honestly, the most surprising part was how different the energy in the room was without massive construction or busting out new windows. I always thought it was just a dark room because of its location in the house, but it became light, airy and serene in seemingly a few hours!

Do you see your new bedroom being family friendly or a space where you can get away and recharge?: Well, the whole family slept in there for the first few days. My daughters really love the makeover. After the newness fades for them, I think it will be a retreat for Jazmin and me.

What's one of the most important takeaways from this experience? What advice would you pass on to other couples embarking on a bedroom makeover?: The most important takeaway, that I think other families can learn from, was how a fresh coat of paint and new linens can change a room. It was a night and day difference! The whole process became an exercise in self care – it was enlightening to say the least. And for those reading this who are considering a bedroom makeover, I can’t emphasize how important it is to set your intention for the space and make concerted decisions towards that end. Great bedding, new paint and let the rest flow.