Expert Advice for Moving Cross Country
Source: FlatRate

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Expert Advice for Moving Cross Country

Moving across the country is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. Unfortunately, it may also be one of the most stressful things, too. Loss of sleep, headaches, exhaustion, irritability, weakened immune system – they’re all commonly experienced, even if you’ve been looking forward to the move for years.

When it comes to moving, FlatRate is considered best in class. As innovators of the upfront pricing model (We hate nasty surprises!), they have twenty years of experience, a well trained team and state-of-the-art technology. May is the biggest moving month of the year, so we asked FlatRate to share their expert tips on orchestrating a pitch perfect move – from planning to packing.

Hire the Right Cross Country Movers

Do your research when hiring a company – especially if it’s a cross country move. You need a reliable team with a reputation for getting the job done without a hitch. They should have substantial experience so they can easily adapt to a change in plans…Mother Nature can be unpredictable. FlatRate can create a custom moving plan and nonstop service with an exclusive truck is available.

Have Enough Money

Finances tend to create the largest stress bubbles. Unless you have a company paying for your entire move, you will have a lot of expenses weighing on your shoulders. The moving company, hotels, meals on the road, fuel, security and utility deposits are just a few of the expenses on your list. If you don’t already have a job lined up, then you will need money to live on. Making sure you can comfortably cover all of these expenses will alleviate a lot of stress. You’ll also want some cash on hand for tipping for exceptional service. While our crew is well trained and paid, we often find that customers feel they want to give an extra thanks by providing lunch or cash tips to the moving team.

Prepare Early

There is really no such thing as starting too early when it comes to prepping a cross country move. You can order your boxes through FlatRate as soon as you confirm the move and then pack a little every day. Also, if you are moving to a new municipality and are not familiar with their parking rules, you will want to research in advance. This can help you avoid costly tickets, or worse yet, a tow or court appearance! Keep in mind that moving trucks must adhere to the majority of the same laws that personal vehicles must follow.

Pack Your Travel Suitcases Thoughtfully

Whether you are driving or flying to your new home, you should have more on you than just what you need for the trip. Keep in mind your movers could arrive days after you if they run into bad weather or have a problem with their vehicle. Make sure you have clothes and toiletries to last a few extra days. All important documents should travel with you, as well. You can even ship yourself a box of essentials – such as Bedding or Bath Towels – before leaving. If you are truly pressed for time, consider asking your moving company to do the packing for you. It’s a premium service, but one that can save you an abundance of time and pay for itself rather quickly.

Take Inventory

Most people label boxes according to room. This is generally fine for a short move. However, if you are moving a considerable distance, you won’t be there to keep a watchful eye on boxes. Even the best long distance movers hire a bad seed from time-to-time. Taking inventory is crucial. You can write it all down according to box, create a spreadsheet, or use a smartphone app. We recommend labeling each box with a number alongside the designated room. That way you can account for all numbered boxes and know where to place them upon arrival. Take a picture of valuables with a newspaper showing the dates, too, just in case you have to file a claim due to damage.